About Us

About Us

Welcome to Shukla Ambulance Services. Our main objective is patient care and convenience. With us both objectives go hand in hand. We have created this organization to assist the health workers and become a health worker by ourself and assist in saving lives. Our technology connects the customers and ambulance drivers. And our service is most eased out and safe and effective to rely upon. Our powerful team members have built our organization worthy in the market and the team has executed so many operations successfully. Our drivers have executed well at severe cases of emergencies and have saved a lot of lives with their unmatched effort and focus and good will to serve the community around.

Ambulance services are typically dispatched in response to emergency calls made to emergency hotlines such as 108 or local emergency services numbers. When someone dials the emergency number to request medical assistance, an ambulance is sent to the location to provide immediate medical care and transportation to the hospital if needed.

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